Machining Capabilities


With 35 Mazak Horizontal Machining  Centers (HCN), we have unmatched level of speed and precision. We also have 2 Mazak Vari-Axis Machining Centers which give us 5-axis machining capabilities.

Custom Fixturing


We design our own fixturing for faster setup times, quicker machine loading, and increased flexibility for holding our manifolds. Our fixturing can allow for multiple parts to run at the same time thus increasing throughput time and allowing savings for our customers.



We have over 1,000 form tools for standard ports and unique cavities. With this amount we can have reliable lead times. We constantly invest in tooling to ensure our tools are machining with the highest level of quality and speed.



Our unique inspection and quality control processes ensure no non-conforming product leaves the building. All employee's are taught fundamental inspection techniques while several inspection points provide detailed inspection of our manifolds.

Proprietary Software


Our proprietary manufacturing management system runs virtually all aspects of our business and helps us maintain an unmatched level of speed and quality. With the use of iPad's throughout the entire facility, we can track all bits of information about job performance and communicate effectively throughout the company.

This data-driven approach allows us to gain knowledge about a process and apply it to every single job. Our customers, in turn, benefit from faster turnaround, increased quality, and more-efficient production of their critical components.



With a dedicated de-burring team in-house, we ensure all parts are clean and burr free. Our de-burring team can rival automated processes such as thermal de-burring in burr removal and part cleanliness.

At Tomenson, our commitment to post-production operations is equal to the machining of a manifold.